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Packing Like a Pro

Overpacking is something many people are pros at. Now packing just the right amount and fitting it all in a manageable suitcase is a completely different story.

However, after several short trips including business meetings, dinners, and even fancy parties, I’ve had to learn to minimize and strategize.  Here are my favorite savvy tips and tricks.

  • Roll your clothes to avoid wrinkling and add extra room.
  • Cover the bottoms of your shoes with packing tape to avoid getting clean clothes dirty.
  • Use travel bottles to minimize space used by large bottles (or just leave them at home and use what’s offered).
  • Leave the hair dryer at home.  Most hotels have one in the room… they may not be top of the line, but they usually do the trick.
  • Try on the full outfits before packing to avoid overpacking and bringing things that you don’t need.
  • Bring clothes that can easily transition from day to night (add a scarf, jewelry, a tie, etc).
  • Add the heaviest items (shoes, toiletries) to the bottom (near the wheels), and light weight, easily wrinkled clothing at the top.
  • Black hides spills and stains, so pack accordingly.
  • Ask a friend over to help eliminate the excess.  A good friend will know what you won’t end up wearing and may have some brilliant suggestions!

Picture Credit: Highways Agency

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